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Is this Dog Abuse?

Please read: I know it's probably dog abuse. But I don't know how severe.

These girls from my school are spraying a hose with full power on their dog. My friend says it's not abuse, cause she didn't hit him. But really, a hose? I have video evidence of them so they can't deny it. but I'm not sure how to help the poor puppy. :( please dont be rude and say "its not my problem" because it is. I need that dog to be safe. They are my dogs littermate.


also they dump water on their dog... throw it in the pool. I got their video from the social media page... they're absolute dummys if they thought no one would notice.

Update 2:

it's a puppy. I think it could be a min-pin or a chihuahua...I have no idea. (I'm bad with breeds, I'm sorry.) and no, he does not seem like he enjoys it. He runs away as soon as they approach him with it and they are LAUGHING at the dog.

Update 3:

also they hold on to it with a leash so it can't get very far. the dog is TRYING to get away.

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    When it comes to calls its more of a health issue than a mental issue, unless the mental issue is on par with pavlovs bell. It's not right but those are the laws.

    If hes drowning in the pool, or if they are spraying his face, it's abuse. If its freezing outside and the dog has a thin coat and its cold, it's abuse. If the dog is screaming in pain, it's abuse. This is more forms of psychical abuse. Make sure the video has a clear picture of the dog and have a date that you took it, the temperature outside and the time spent in the pool (where the dog may be struggling to stay above water).

    Now mental abuse is different and needs daily evidence. If they're doing it to this dog daily, its mental abuse, close to pavlovs bell. You'll need dates on videos , times of day, and faces. If the dog only looks uncomfortable and none of these signs are showing, then there's not much anyone can do.

    Also, it may vary from state and even city, on how animal control will act. I'd still show it to a animal care professional (Vet or nurses at vet or trainers), they will know more about your city's animal codes and can give you advice. If you want to just make an anonymous tip, call your local pound and tell them of your concerns, they will tell you what they can and cant do and what information they may or may not need.

  • John
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    9 months ago

    Go hollar at those dummies to quit. They are only doing it because they are mean and think it has fleas and there's no one there to protect it. They are obviously just pretty little slaves that need a whipping.

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    I think it is.

  • amy
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    9 months ago

    I have a Chihuahua min-pin mix, perhaps that's the type of dog you're talking about here. My dog HATES and absolutely fears water, especially rushing water like a hose. While I can't speak for all little dogs, they are notoriously fearful of water and it really sounds like they are abusing the poor mite.

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    u can report them anonymously. Do you have a RSPCA or other people that care for animals.

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    sir.. i’d call the cops

  • Anna E
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    Not necessarily. I have had a few dogs that loved the hose. You couldn't water plants or rinse off the patio if he was outside because he would run jumping into the water stream. But it isn't any of your business, because it's not your dog. Even if you called to report the abuse, I doubt anything would happen.

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    It depends on the dogs reaction.

    If it is hurting or scaring the dog, then it’s abuse.

    My dog LOVES to be squirted full power with a hose, she thinks it’s a big game, attacks the water and I have to be on my toes to be sure I’m not spaying directly into her eyes while she jumps around.

    Not only does she love this activity, she is able to communicate that she wants to be squirted with the hose at the dog park. I have to monitor what is going on near the hose as many many times while I’ve been distracted she’s convinced someone THEY MUST SQUIRT HER and they are, laughing hysterically as she leaps around attacking the water stream. I have to monitor this because I don’t always want a soaking wet and muddy dog in the car.

    OK, read your updates. This is definately abuse. I suggest you show your video to the girls parents. They should probably not have that dog.

  • Pearl
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    9 months ago

    it could be, rnaybe you should talk to sorneone in anirnal control and see what they say

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    I have had dogs that love water & I have had dogs that run when I pick up the hose. Filling a child's swimming pool the dog would play with the water coming from the hose. The other would stay far back & away from the water. some loved getting in the pool , while others stayed away from it.

    What size is the dog? Is it a puppy or an adult dog? You can take your pictures to Animal Control & show them & ask if they think it is abuse.

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    In a way yes. It can be reported but I highly doubt they will take the dog, more a warning. You made the right choice recording it and a good one to worry!

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