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Let me just be honest here guys, why are there SO MANY different denominations of Christianity if it was the truth? There should be only one?

Mormonism, Jehovah Witnesses, Lutheran's, envangelicals, orthodoxy. For ex. Church of Christ teaches water baptism is the way to slavation. 'Oh but they are all Christians so it doesn't matter right?'


UPDATE: If Christianity REALLY EVER was the truth and was spoken by God, then God's message would be flawless and would have no room for misinterpretation and therefore would only be one denomination for eternity. Instead, this is how we KNOW that Christianity is false and was written exclusively by primitive men because obviously, someone couldn't get the message out clear enough and left too much room for several other kinds of interpretations of the bible's scriptures...

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    That's like asking why there are so many different chains of fast food joints.

    Different ways to get the money from the potential customers.

    "OUR [product] is not just DIFFERENT from the others. It's BETTER!"

    Little FISH come forth knowing how to SWIM.

    Little SPIDERS come forth knowing how to excrete WEB material.

    But little HUMANS come forth NOT knowing which of the several thousand Goddesses and Gods actually exist, and which are the products of human imagination.

    A REAL "Intelligent Designer" would have taken care of that, IF it was an important thing.

    So, either there never was an Intelligent Designer, OR it's not important which Belief System anyone subscribes to.

    MANY Goddesses and Gods, just a FEW, or NONE at all: Makes no difference.

    Just be NICE to each other.

    And if there IS a SuperThing handing out rewards in some "Afterlife", you'll get a nice one.

    • Roberta B
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      God gives us the obligation to seek him honestly, thereby revealing what is in our hearts - to love and serve him, or to just SAY that we have faith because we want what he gives to those who sincerely want to please him. Matthew 7:21-23

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    You're confused. What man does have no effect on what God does.

    God established the Christian Church at Pentecost. It split into two in the Great Schism of 1054: the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church and the Catholic Church. They are the ONLY Churches with apostolic succession, the Fullness of Truth, and all the Sacraments.

    ALL there churches were founded by men, starting with Luther in the 1500s -- the creations of MEN, not of God.

    Source(s): Greek Orthodox Christian
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      Chi girl, get the hell off of here with your upmost RETARDED bullcrap...

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    There's only one Christianity - the Church Jesus said He would build, that not even the gates of Hades would be able to overcome. Read what He said about it in Matthew 16:13-18, and notice the confession of faith that members of it have to make (the same one Peter made there).

    Here's a vital clue - denomination has got nothing whatever to do with that one true Church Jesus builds!

    That's the red herring that's way-laying billions of people. Stop looking at denominations and consider the confession of faith that identifies those whom Jesus makes members of His (non-denomination) Church!

    • Annsan_In_Him
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      You've just missed the entire point of what I said. Jesus started to build His Church even before He died! His Church has nothing to do with the denomination that arose hundreds then thousands of years later. Members of His Church confess Him to be the Son of God, the Christ.

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    Jehovah's Witnesses are the only true religion.

    • Rolando C I
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      Fireball - Your religion is false get it through your head.

      Cristiana- The Catholic Church is the first Apostasy Church. Their churches feel like cold tombs.

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    You're right, there should be. But, Man creates religions, not God. And everybody thinks they can do it better than the next guy.

    • Cristiana9 months agoReport

      that s why the Holy Catholic church is so attacked by the demons... they want to destroy the Truth so that nobody will have benefits from it..

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    As a Christian, I believe there is truly only one correct denomination and that's the Church of Jesus and this Church is spiritual, not materialistic. The problem isn't the buildings, it's mans interpretations. Man is flawed but it's not just in Christianity. It's in other religions including atheism. Under the umbrella of atheism there are different forms of atheism which are Atheism (Strong atheism), Agnostic (weak atheism), and Verificationism. There are different forms of Buddhism, Satanism (Theistic and atheistic), Islam (Mainly Sunni Islam and Shia Islam) and etc.

    • Philip V9 months agoReport

      Antonius: According to United States court system, atheism is viewed as a religion like it or not.

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    Denominations were named by humans. Jehovah's witnesses were named by Almighty God Jehovah:

    Isaiah 43:10-12

    New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures (Study Edition)

    10 “You are my witnesses,” declares Jehovah,

    “Yes, my servant whom I have chosen,

    So that you may know and have faith in me*

    And understand that I am the same One.

    Before me no God was formed,

    And after me there has been none.

    11 I—I am Jehovah, and besides me there is no savior.”

    12 “I am the One who declared and saved and made known

    When there was no foreign god among you.

    So you are my witnesses,” declares Jehovah, “and I am God.

    To directly answer your question, suppose one court witness told the truth about a crime, and then ten people who came up to testify were paid to contradict him. Does that make the words of the court witness lies? No, a skilled attorney or judge could question the witnesses and find out the truth.

    This is what the Almighty God Jehovah and his son Jesus Christ are doing. The world is full of deception, fueled by people who are willing to pay people or give power to them to lie for them.

    But there is a smaller group of honest witnesses who will tell the truth.Paul was one of them Acts 17:2-4

    Those who want to know the truth will examine the evidence and can learn it. The Bereans were like that, who listened and then checked the scriptures to verify what was said. Acts 17:10-11

    This is what is what is going on all over the world, and in this way each person gets the opportunity to decide to accept or reject the truth from the Bible or their own feelings. And this is how Almighty God and Jesus Christ wants it, becuse we will be judged by our decision and our deeds.

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    • Roberta B
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      KazooM, I have read that lesson when it was printed, and I agree with it - it is referring to choices that we as Christians have the freedom to make. But we must follow Jesus' example of pointing out man-made traditions that deny Bible teaching. Matthew 15:7-9

  • Esther
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    9 months ago

    That's a fair question. I don't know why there are so many denominations. I just go to a church that sticks to the bible. Not all of the ones you mention do.

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    Do you live under a stone or a bridge, or something?

    The best way to launch deceits is to imitate the truth.

    Not only are they not Christians but what you say rather confirms the truth, and truth is found in the Bible not in what men say.

    • Rolando C I
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      Ernest - If you have the truth why don't you obey the Bible's command of witnessing house to house ? Are you afraid of men and ashamed of Jesus ?

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    Martin Luther watched and learned what the church leaders were doing and he wanted a piece of the action, so he set up another church, and money is the real Christianity all ready to sell superstition to anyone willing to pay for something that is free.

    • Patrick
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      Antonius believes in the rich preacher myth - how ironic.

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    A lot of the denominations are just to do with things like different nationalities or administrative differences. There is only one Church, but humans disagree on what it's about.

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