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Has George Clooney been lucky?

In his career and opportunities?

I don't get it really as he appeared in ER for 5 years, then left and had a movie career.

Yet others on the show such as Anthony Edwards who played main character Mark Green, never really did much else.

So has Clooney been lucky?

I do believe there was better actors than him in the show and the show was still as good after he left.

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    I never watched ER. I don't think Clooney is a particularly great actor. He's one of those actors who is great at playing ONE THING. Like Will Smith. We all know the character Will Smith is going to be in every movie. It's the lovably cocky guy with a quick wit and friendly smile and chuckle. He's GREAT at it. But he doesn't really have another club in his bag.

    Clooney strikes me as the same way. He plays that one guy in everything I see him in. Confident, self-posessed guy with a sort of smooth charm. But he plays that one role really well. Plus, even as a hetero male, I have to admit, he's pretty damn handsome.

    As to luck, sure he was lucky. ALL actors have to be lucky. Acting is a bit like pro sports in that the number of people in it who make little to no money is GIGANTIC, and only that tiny 0.001% make bank, but that group makes HUGE dollars. And unlike sports, acting is highly subjective so who comprises that tiny sliver is alot about who gets the right opportunities.

    Anthony Edwards actually DID have a movie career. He was never a leading man, but I remember him fondly from movies like Gotcha or his supporting role as Goose in Top Gun. By the time he got to ER he'd already peaked in a way.

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    Since when has an actor's skill determined their fame, popularity or wealth? Success is about appeal, not talent. George Clooney has undeniable appeal. He's no Daniel-Day Lewis or anything, but he's not terrible.

    For someone currently calling herself Moviefan this is a pretty stupid question.

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    Any actor who gets paid to act is lucky.

    99.9% of actors never achieve that.

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    You would be lucky too if you were a relative of Rosemary Clooney and had George's good looks, I don't particularly care for most of his movies.

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