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Is my husband having an affair?

My husband hired a consultant for his business, they were just friends before he hired her. During the consultation I noticed this woman would touch his hand, make sexual remarks about stuff,etc. Now this consultation service is over, she offered to still help me & support him so they meet on a monthly basis for coffee meetings. He actually picks her up from a college she teaches at & they go to have coffee & drops her back off before her class.Where is this woman taking the relationship? Does she want more $$ or to ****?

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    Don’t take this the wrong way, but you deserve to hear the truth. I think deep down we all know that he’s not just taking her to coffee. He’s having sex with her. And they’re not meeting at the coffee shop all (at least not for long). Most likely, he’s having sex with her at her home (or a motel).

    You should politely ask your husband if you can please be included in these meetings. And if he says no, then you need to drop a bomb on him, and tell him that to you, this is cheating- that you know he’s not just “getting coffee” and you’re going to file for divorce if he doesn’t immediately apologize and acknowledge what he’s doing is wrong. Tell him that there will be consequences for lying. Tell him that you love him, but that you’re not going to be cheated on.

    I used to cheat back when I was just dating my wife (before marriage), and the only way my wife was able to get me to stop was being assertive about things like this- and also to do sex addiction anonymous meetings

    Source(s): Lala has the right idea If I were you, I also would demand her phone number, so that you can contact her and let her know that your husband is in a relationship, he’s married
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    I think you know your husband is cheating on you.

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    It could be more than business, but the only way to know for sure is ask her and also discuss this with your spouse to learn his intentions.

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    Its hard to say. Something could be going on, or its just in your head, and she might just be a touchy feely type of person. But Google the signs of a cheater, and see what you can glean from that. You could also have somebody follow your husband and see if he's telling the truth about just meeting for coffee.

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    ask him frankly smoothly coz.. any one especially males don't like that anyone would point out them directly either they are right or wrong in their place. in very case after asking wife husband give proper answer . so be patient while asking and tell him. there is no use if he wants both r her either its only for *** if he is really that much close to her, even if it haven't reached to sex level so tell to choose any one and tell you also not ready live such life & he will be free to go

    and you only try to think that what's going in your life with taking links of incidents in proper way , try to connect dots you only get correct picture and then you only get know what to do next ?simple!

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    Sounds to me that she's using her sexuality to get more money.

    If you trust him, there's no reason to doubt him.

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    Both. Instincts are usually right.

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    Ask your husband where he is taking the relationship. That's the info you want. Coffee

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    Yes its a emotional affair

    but it will not take long before it turn sexual

    Tell your husband ;;you have a choice ;;its me or her

    Expect him to say ;;theres nothing there

    All cheaters are denying

    but be firm on ;;who do you choose

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    Do you really expect total strangers

    to know what your husband is doing?


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