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Redneck revolt supports Valdimir Putin, Nicolas Maduro and Bashar al-Assad?

Redneck Revolt and Far-Left Gun group, in their website states that they are anti-capitalist, anti-racists and anti-fascist group, and uses direct action tactics. Redneck Revolt supports the rights of Muslims, immigrants and LGBT people and is opposed to economic inequality. Members also support the Black Lives Matter movement. Not mentioned in their website and very little on their FB chapters that they are allies with Valdimir Putin (Russia), Nicolas Maduro (Venezuela) and Bashar al-Assad (Syria). In-light of the Venezuela crises Redneck Revolt opposes America intervention while supporting Maduro by sending it's armed members and brigading with Russian Mercenaries. Also They back Putin's seizure of Crimea and back Putin's Military forces in Syria. Also Redneck Revolt has boots on the ground in Syria back Assad and Russian Military forces. Now Redneck Revolt supports the destruction of the State of Isreal while support Russia's quest to regain lost territories of the Baltic states to Poland and even Alaska and California. Yes Redneck Revolt back Russia back secessionist groups in New York State and California. So beware Redneck revolt is an so-call Social justice warriors are Putin's, Maduro's and Assad's Wolves under sheep clothing.

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    Its very homoerotic. The love of raw aggressive forcible power symbolizes love of uncontrolled white phallus.

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    When you're not under a false flag within Yahoo I hope you're smart enough for

    paid day labor in a Blue State. Right to work states would treat you worse.

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    Does Gary have a White phallus?

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