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Should I need to tone my hair before dying it pink?

I know there's not a definitive answer to this until I actually bleach my hair but I'm going to pick up all the supplies and I don't want to go back to the store. I'm going to dye it a light pink, but not pastel. Kind of in between. I'm going to bleach it with the quick blue or whatever it's called. My hair is naturally medium brown and the ends are slightly bleached already but still light brown/dirty blond. In the past, I've bleached my hair and it turned out pretty yellow but still light and not super orange-y. Would this be ok to dye my hair pink? Or should I just get some toner?

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    It depends on the tone of pink you want.

    If you are wanting something that isn't a neon vibrant pink, you might want to tone it. This way you can get away with taking off the bleach a few minutes sooner, and tone your hair a bit pink. This will help your hair be less damaged, overall.

    I personally recommend arctic fox hair dye, it has a conditioner base so its healthy for your hair, and it doesn't smell gross, it smells like grape juice. It also fades nicely, so it will fade from a bold pink to a pastel pink, rather than fading to a weird orange or something strange like other hair colors can do.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    no you dont need to tone your hair

  • 2 years ago

    Get the toner. If you end up not using it you can return it. Though it sounds like you probably would get better results if you use the toner. Pink on yellow will end up orangish.

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