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What movie am I thinking about?

It was a long time ago since I saw that movie so my memory is maybe fuzzy but I'll do my best.

It was a Zombie Movie featuring no actor I recognized but there werent a lot of zombies around. The movie was more about the group of friends/survivors and the things that happened during their travel through the USA.

There are two scenes I vividly remember. In one scene the protagonists reached a hospital and they find a group of survivors there, a doctor and some children. The doctor and most of the children were infected (The Virus in this movie worked slower. I think it could be transmitted over the air). The doctor decided to kill himself and because he was the only left he also poisoned the children to "save them from the suffering".

The other scene I remembered was later. The group reached a Golf Club and in order to vent of they decided to trash it. They shot golf balls through the windows accidently destroying a save flat where some guys lived. These guys were wearing hazmat suits and they had some machines to sterlize the air in their room in order to keep the virus outside. During the fight with these guys they found out that one of their friends was infected. After they escaped they just ditched her on the roadside and left.

In the end the reached a coast (not sure if west or east) and then the movie stops.

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    Carriers (2009)

  • 10 months ago

    I'm not sure but I think I also remember that they were 4 people (2 couples) and in the end only 2 left. I think there was also a scene were they take in a man and his young daughter wo were hitchhiking becuause their car broke down but it turned out that the daughter was infected. So they left them also on the roadside.

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