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How hard is business calculus?

For someone who has no experience with calculus or precalculus and only a little experience with trig. It’s not my fault my college makes me go right from a class called finite mathematics to business calculus. Why do business marketing majors even need this?

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    I used to teach business calculus at a university.

    Calculus is more difficult than say, trigonometry. On the other hand, business calculus is not as difficult as the calculus taught to students of science and mathematics.

    The dirty little secret is that ABSOLUTELY NOBODY uses calculus in a business environment. Even many engineers never use it, Statistics and probability are MUCH more useful for the real world of work.

    I worked in the corporate world for 40+ years, and I NEVER used calculus.

    I think it is used to weed out weaker students.

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    Because the mathematics involved is a critical factor in being able to forecast what will happen in a business.

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