Do y'all think I could be a tight end.. IM 5'10 3/8 and 13 I run a 40. of 5.20 and I bench 125 and leg press 413! I hope I can become D1...?


I ment 5.21

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  • 11 months ago
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    Based on your height and weight the best fit for you is the tight end position. You have the ideal size for a high school tight end.

    My best advice for you is to work hard and perform very well in practice every day. In addition, what you need to do this (and every) offseason is eat healthy, exercise by doing weight lifting, and either jogging or going for a long run every day. If you do these things, you will get faster, stronger, and into better shape, which will greatly improve your chances of becoming a successful, top notch tight end in high school football, who could go on to play college football in the future.

    By the way, your chances of playing college football depend on your performance in football, especially during your senior year of high school. If you perform very well in football during your final year of high school, you will greatly improve your chances of getting recruited to play for a college football program in the future. ©

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    • aaron11 months agoReport

      Im in the 7th grade.

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  • 11 months ago

    You CANNOT be D-1 unless you start attending english class. No way you make it to college unless someone teaches you grammar.

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    Doesn't matter. You'll end up playing LB ( liar back).

    Don't come on here and lie about your 40 time and lift weights when you were never even timed for a 40 and never set foot in a weight room, you lying little turd,.

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    • KEVIN S
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      11 months agoReport

      Oh boy. you don't be knowin who you be talkin to. Dat boi fittin to hand you a bad one.

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