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We say a number of people, amount of people what else do we use with people?

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    Lots of people, loads of people, plenty of people, dozens of people, crowds of people, throngs of people...?

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      Or a few people only.

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    People do say 'an amount of people' but it's illiterate.

  • RP
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    9 months ago

    Group of people or groups of people are two of myriad other possibilities.

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  • Lôn
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    9 months ago

    It's number of people..NOT amount. People are countable.

    Number of matches but amount of water.

  • Jay R
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    9 months ago

    We DON'T say "amount of people". That which can be counted is referred to by number. That which can't be counted (water time, etc.) is referrd to in amounts

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