If a girl touches you, does it mean anything?

There's a girl in work that I think is really cute. She's always very upbeat and smiles a lot with everyone and I've noticed she tends to touch people a lot (appropriately of course). We work in a bar and it can be pretty narrow so we tend to tap each other on the shoulder to let us we're getting past, but she'll keep her hand there (or on your arm) for what feels like a second longer than it should, or if she's talking to you and laughing she'll put her hand on your arm for a moment. The other day I waiting for her to finish pouring a pint so I could pour one and she made a joke and she put her hand on either my hip or lower back for a second whilst laughing - I was pretty much directly facing her standing kinda close so she had to stretch her arm out to touch me there, wasn't entirely subtle to me.

I know that smiling, laughing and the occasional touch doesn't mean much, but is there any other sign to look out for that would hint she likes me?

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  • 9 months ago
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    Depends where. Touches your dic* the. She probably like you or your dic*. Touches your hand=friends.

    • Anonymous9 months agoReport

      Still seems a little too subtle to tell, why do girls have to be so confusing? Hahaha

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