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More Americans now feel that Your Liberal Media is a terrorist organization?

Is the Media responsible for the insanity in USA?

Been getting worse since 2000

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    Yes, I used to watch CNN and NBC, ABC, etc., just as much as I watched FOX, etc. but I am now unable to watch the mainstream news stations now, as they make me physically sick, because they literally just lie lie lie lie lie lie lie. I was watching this one clip, where the news anchor lady was talking to an illegal immigrant and she acted like she spoke Spanish or something, and literally completely mistranslated what he said. He said he wanted to come to the United States because the economy was bad or there were no jobs where he was from, and wanted to work and could earn more money in the United States. It was clear, anybody who knows Sesame Street Spanish would have understood the word "Dinero" and he said the words, which I clearly heard him say at the end, "In los Estados yo pueda ganar mas Dinero." In the US I can earn more money." I even had to rewind it, and watch it again, as I was watching it on streaming, pre-tape, and sure enough I got each word, and sure enough, he said he wanted money. But the anchor says with a sad but monotone voice, "He says, it is dangerous where he is from and he does not feel safe." I was like, DID I JUST SEE THIS HAPPEN???? I am not even a Spanish speaker, although I can understand a lot of Spanish, so I was in total shock. I then made sure I heard each word and plugged them into a translation thing to make sure i was understanding what he said was what he said and could not be mistaken for what she said, but it was clear as a bell what he said, and had no phonetic similarity to words she was claiming he said. I could not believe it. Especially since a lot of Americans do understand some Spanish, so thought wow, they got balls to blatantly lie like this in front of our faces. But it was a short clip, and then she was going on to others, and so probably assumed nobody would even notice. But I did. And it pissed me off!

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    it might not be the cause, but it sure fuels the fires if it isn't the cause

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    Something has to be done.

    The mental health of America depends upon it.

    The few who control the media is turning Americans against each other.

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    Get a life beenie

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