Question to gays why is pedophilia a sickness but being gay isn;t?

We can all agree that pedophilia is bad and if you say it's a sickness i would probably agree with you but why do we make an exception for homosexuality .. just because it doesnt involve liking kids you say its natural and not a sickness?

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  • O Man
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    9 months ago

    If you need to ask this you need to stay the **** away from kids as you clearly don't understand the concept of informed consent! Homosexuality involving 2 consenting adults causes no harm and is a positive experience for both parties. Having sex with prepubescent kids screws them up for life! Any More little brain farts that you need to have cleared up sparky???

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  • 9 months ago

    American hypocrisy. Christianity says not ONE word against pedophilia and who are they to think that every single child/teenager lacks the desire for a sexual and loving relationship?

    I hate gays and their supporters precisely because of their hypocrisy. Hooker and pedo rights matter just as much as theirs do.

  • 9 months ago

    Homosexuality is a consensual act between two adults. Pedophilia is rape of minors. Children cannot consent to sex.

  • abcdef
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    9 months ago

    Pedophilia is not a sexual orientation. In fact, by and large it is not even a sexual attraction as such. It is a form of executing control over another human being by a person who has feelings of no control over their own lives. The majority of pedophiles have themselves been the victims of abuse in their younger lives. Sexual orientation is NOT the result of abuse and the vast majority of gay men are NOT pedophiles. Their sexual orientation is determined in utero and is established at or before birth.

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  • 9 months ago

    If you cant figure this one out you seriously need professional help.

    I cant even think of an analogy.

    A paedophile seeks out children for sex, if you cant see that a 6 year old is just not good.

    Where as a gay man seeks out other men for sex.

    Clearly based on your question I would not dare to assume your mature enough to be able to know

    what you enjoy in the sex market, so putting you aside, the rest of the population does know

    what turns them on so is able to make an informed decision should someone make advances on

    them. They can be receptive or say no thank you.

    Well thats what the rest of humanity does, as I say you, I am not sure what makes you tick.

  • Sam
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    9 months ago

    lol, you want everything in black and white while sexuality, gay or straight, is gray. It's okay, it's normal to become an opinionated asshole as you age.

    btw, you can be straight and be a pedo. Being a pedo, is not gay or straight restrictive. So if you are trying to make a connection between gays and pedos, you need to make the same connection between straights and pedos. In which I pose the question to you, is it a sickness to be a heterosexual. I could make that case, if making a case for gay or straight being the cause of pedophilia wasn't stupid.

  • 9 months ago

    Natural is not a coherent concept.

    Paedophilia is bad because if indulged in, it would almost certainly cause severe life-long psychological harm to the survivor because they are not mature enough to deal with sex emotionally, and because they're innocent and not fully developed emotionally and cognitively, they are unable to give informed consent. Incidentally, most people who abuse children sexually are not paedophiles and many paedophiles don't act on their drives. You need to have a problem with impulse control as well for it to be a problem.

    Homosexual relationships are ideally between consenting adults. They're not similar to paedophilia at all. If there's no consent then it's rape and obviously as wrong as heterosexual rape.

    One way of defining mental illness is to determine if it's a danger to self and/or others. Paedophilia, if acted upon, clearly is a danger to others, i.e. the victims. Homosexuality, if acted upon, is right or wrong in the same circumstances to heterosexuality.

    • Tyler9 months agoReport

      Tbh im a 16 year old and i would probably like it if i was molested but its most likely a fetish if anything, to want to be molested i mean, but i do not support paedophilia its still disgusting, i still wouldnt want no 70 year old doing that to me, only of around my own age

  • 9 months ago

    For one thing~Being gay is a choice between two consenting adults! Much different from a child being molested & taken advantage of by an adult! I believe two adults of the same sex can have real love for one another. Not the kind of lust filled hunt you see in gay bars. There's a difference & I wonder if that was what God was talking about. Love vs lust. I have a lesbian cousin who tried to be with men. It never felt right to her. She fell in love with women! I don't think there should be anything wrong with that. It wasn't a lust filled perversion!

    • parker9 months agoReport

      @abcdef yeah that's what he/she meant??? jeez

  • 9 months ago

    If that were true, then heterosexuals are sick as well. We all need a drill to the temple.

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Pedophilia is a mental illness, being gay is not.

    Pedophilia involves the sexual molestation of children, being gay involves consenting loving relationships between adults.

    • 1eyeNtheSky9 months agoReport

      I bet that's why so many priests molest children because there's no mention of it in the bible! They should know better! They should know they are taking advantage of an innocent life!

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