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How do I move my apps to my SD card on the Huawei XT2?

I can't find the option to move my apps to the SD card. The phone has a SD card slot so it must be able to do it. I put the default storage as my SD card instead of the internal storage but when I download apps it just goes to the internal storage anyways. How do I move my apps to the SD card? My internal storage hardly has any space.

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    1 year ago
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    It's in the phones menu where it shows what apps you have installed. You tap on the app, it will load what space it takes up and then there should be the option to switch storage.

    Save yourself the trouble of having to open up every apps menu and then switch storage.

    I used AppMgr iii, it's so much easier, it will scan your apps and show you what can be moved and what can't, you can then hold down on 1 that you want to move and then select multiple (don't do too many at once).

    Start to move them over, this will open up the menu for you and you then just select to move it over, once moved close the window/menu and then do the same for the next.

    it doesn't do it automatically, but it does make it a little easier to do.


    If you didn't buy the SD card from a good retailer, then test it before you use it, there are loads of fakes out there.

    If you have a PC that you can connect the memory card to, try H2TestW to write and verify on the card.

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  • 1 year ago

    Apps must be downloaded to and installed from internal memory. SD cards are for saving or moving MEDIA to (video, music, ringtones, pictures, text, word and pdf docs).

    Phones with less space, and older versions of Android, don't often have the option to partially move apps to the sd card. And even with that option, only a small portion of the apps gets moved, not the full apps itself.

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