Jesus Between Ages 12 and 30?

I never understood WHY the Bible does NOT mention someone so well-known lime Jesus between the ages of 12 and 30. Ever ask yourself this question?

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  • 9 months ago
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    That's because the Bible is not a biography.

    It restricts its information over many centuries to that which humanity needs to know in order to get right with God.

    The culmination of God's self-revelation to us was in the person of Jesus Christ, who left Heaven at a certain time in our history, to become one of us to save us. He slipped into our world incognito, His glory veiled, to perform the most daring mission that's ever been carried out. He had enemies who wanted to stop Him achieving that plan (foretold centuries earlier in the Hebrew scriptures). Even as a helpless baby, enemies tried to kill Him but an angel warned Joseph to take the child and his mother down to Egypt, until Herod the Great had died. Then they returned to Nazareth, to live in obscurity till it was time for Jesus' public ministry to be launched, aged 30 years, when other adults would listen to him as a mature man.

    Yet even during the previous years, we are told that he grew in favour and wisdom, so that at the start of His ministry, God spoke from Heaven to declare His approval - that was before Jesus had done any of His public ministry! It is what he did for a few short years after His baptism that changed history. Then, at just the right time (while we were still helpless) He gave Himself over to death, to save sinners. And was resurrected, as proof of truly being the sinless Son of God.

    That's what we need to know about Jesus' time on Earth - and to act on that knowledge, in faith.

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      I beg your pardon - those are my own words, keyed down letter by letter on my laptop and immediately posted as my answer. I answered a similar question later, but did not even copy and paste that as I had not kept this one. As the Q was slightly different, I gave a slightly different answer. Thanks.

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    No, I never ask myself that question. Jesus was NOT well known until he began his ministry. His disciples didn't know him while he was preparing for his ministry to begin. That's why we have so little information about him.

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    The record of Jesus’ early life is very brief. Born in Bethlehem of Judea, King David’s native city, he was taken to Nazareth in Galilee after the family returned from Egypt all of this in fulfillment of divine prophecy.

    Of the first years of Jesus’ life nothing is known except that the young child continued growing and getting strong, being filled with wisdom, and God’s favor continued upon him. Lu 2:40

    In course of time the family grew as four sons and some daughters were born to Joseph and Mary. Mt 13:54-56 So, Mary’s firstborn son did not grow up as an only child.

    There is nothing to indicate that Jesus had or exercised any miraculous powers during his childhood years, as the fanciful stories recorded in certain apocryphal works, such as the so-called Infancy Gospel of Thomas, pretend.

    The changing of water to wine at Cana, performed during his ministry, was the beginning of his signs.

    He regularly attended the synagogue services each Sabbath. He was educated, as is shown by his ability to find and read sections from the Sacred Writings, but he did not attend the rabbinic schools of higher learning.

    The brevity of the record concerning these early years is because Jesus had not yet been anointed by Jehovah as the Christ Mt 16:16 and had not commenced carrying out the divine assignment awaiting him.

    His childhood and the growing-up process, like his birth, were necessary, though incidental, means to an end.

    Joseph taught Jesus the trade of carpentry, and no doubt both Joseph and Mary called upon Jesus, the firstborn, to help them with the care of their other children, numbering at least six. Mark 6:3

    While still at home, Jesus continued subject to his parents, all the time progressing in wisdom and in physical growth.

    As the oldest son, Jesus probably helped to care for the family, particularly since it appears that Joseph died before Jesus.

    It is quite probable, then, that the long period of years, to the time of his baptism, was spent in the performance of the ordinary duties of life.

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    That is a mystery.

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    perhaps He wanted you to search that out if you so desired to know.....

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    Why should I care? Even they didn't.

    Probably because the whole story is a load of crock

  • 9 months ago

    Those were the preparation years before His ministry started.

  • 9 months ago

    It would be interesting to know, but it would also distract from the message.

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      Anthony. Let's say that five chapters were dedicated to that age period. It would have nothing to say about Jesus' purpose, about salvation, or anything that matters theologically. It would contain material that would engender endless debate. As I said, it would be interesting but a distraction.

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    There is one guess that JC and his folks went to India and stayed there for those missing years. And while he was there he learned a number of fakir tricks; like turning water into wine.

    There is mention of a teacher from the west in some of the old Indian texts. Some think it's JC to whom the texts are referring. But that's just a guess.

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      There are several books covering that subject,,, interesting reading to anyone willing to explore it. Don't expect any of the religious to partake though, there mere mention of it sets them into a screaming fit.

  • And one of the most influential preachers was only active for a year (or 3 according to the gospel of John).

    Judas of Galilee ministered for over 20 years before he was crucified.

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