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Have an '02 Chrysler "Pacifica" 3.3 L ( ?) V6, idles too fast, what to do? (read on)?


Cables are not tight, throttle body butterfly seems seated , I push on it towards closed, no difference (no adjustment I can see). A "hiss" from around heater, I don't think it is a vacuum leak as carb cleaner sprayed at the noise or intake plenum does nothing.

Update 2:

New plugs. Yes, Lotsa codes but, it doesn't pass smog so "engine" light always on. There is a crank off a position sensor rheostat ( I Think) near the intake plenum. I cant find where the lever went. Turning this rheostat seems to do nothing. Car otherwise starts, runs very well, good mileage and acceleration ( for a big car).

Update 3:

I mean to say, Working on it for renter. He hasn't $ for a new one. Car Really works well for its age/miles.

Update 4:

Neither do I . A new Crunchler would be $34K,. My Harley; Used; set me back $6K and I am having trouble paying that off.

Update 5:

Owner got it to Auito Zone, codes definitely said bad EGR. Royal Pain to replace, not serviceable and stuck. (Unlike YouTube videos showing: "how to clean".) New one only $35, I think we R OK. That hissing must be plenum; car also needs a few new hoses,battery cables, a new exhaust bolt. A loose "crank" I am sure goes below plenum. I will later remove and reseal plenum, replace all I see, About 3 others worked on this car in last 2 years...

Update 6:

Thank U all!.

Update 7:

On second thought, I think plenum from junker, from different year/model. "Crank sensor" may simply be left to plug a hole and goes nowhere. Would solve a mystery. Dont you love Frankensteins?

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    What codes are you getting? High idle speed is often due to a clogged IAC not responding to PCM settings... or a bad TPS with bad voltage signals as to actual throttle angle which the PCM needs in order to set IAC counts. Could also be a sticky purge valve for the EVAP system allowing excess fuel vapors into the engine on cold start. Unmetered fuel or air can affect idle. Does idle speed change when AC is engaged? ...should run a little higher with AC on due to the added load of the compressor and PCM adjusts idle higher to compensate. If idle does not change by switching AC on and off, then I'd suspect a bad IAC.

    Try cleaning the IAC...test the TPS for proper voltage readings at closed throttle and perhaps pinch off the EVAP purge valve hose to engine/manifold to see if idle changes/lowers The purge valve should only open on a warmed up engine.

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    • paul h
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      10 months agoReport fun fixing someone else's booger job. Had enough wiring jobs like that.

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  • 10 months ago

    Hi so the reason for the fast idle would normallly be an air leak so new hoses would be a more likely cure for the problem.

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    air leak or idle control valve not working correctly

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      Thank You. . Now to Find the ICV.. I guess unplug or short it and see?

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