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Virtual Reality Tips?

Please help

I've really been wanting to get into the whole VR experience - playing games, watching movies, etc etc. I just don't know which VR headset is right for me.

I have a 1 TB PS4 Slim and I have a MacBook Air, how in Earth do I play games with VR on these? Nature Treks VR is a game I really want to immerse into

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  • Raditz
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    Well, if those are your available platforms, then you have 2 options:

    1. If you wanted to play on your Mac, you can do it by buying the Razer Core X + VR Ready graphics card + VR headset.

    This option requires you to spend quite a money, and can be over $1000, but you'll get the best VR experience.

    2. Buy the PSVR, and play/watch it on your PS4. It's much more cheaper than option #1, since you only spend $399 to get one, and it can be much cheaper during promotions etc.

    The downside of this option was the game that you wanted to play wasn't available on the PS4, and it's PC only. But there's lots of good VR games avaialble on PS4, like Firewall Zero, Astro Bot, Beat Saber, or even big games like RE7 and Ace Combat 7.

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