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I feel like a terrible person?

my neighbor is 98 and has been talking to me lately about how she’s ready to move on and is waiting for her time. she mentioned herself that she’s going to give her house and everything in it to her step-kid and that she’ll most everything and throw out everything not of cash value becuz she doesn’t want any of it. it makes me so sad to hear that becuz she has all of these paintings and beautiful china sets that she painted herself along with royal doultons that she’s been collecting since she was a little and a bunch of other stuff. it just makes my heart so sad to think that she said her step kid is just going to get rid of everything. especially like the royal doultons she’s been collecting since her childhood and the stuff she painted herself like that has deep personal value. i love her so much, she’s been in my life since i was a child and is like a second mother to me and it hurts to think about everything of hers just getting thrown out like it’s worthless. i was thinking the other day about asking her if she’d be willing to pass some of those things to me so that they won’t get just tossed out or sold at the estate sale. and then i felt like such a horrible person for even thinking about asking her that because she means so much to me and i don’t want her to think i only am using her for stuff because lots of people do that with older people. but i wouldn’t even sell any of it i’d keep it all forever and cherish it. idk do ya’ll it would acceptable to ask her?

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    Tell her you've been thinking about what she's said to you and that you'd like to help her, with her permission, find new homes for some of her nicer things. Some of this could be donated, things of value might find a home in some crafts museum, other things might be welcome as decor in a nursing home. You could even offer to sell some of it for her now so that she at least profits from it during her lifetime.

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    the step kid has to be up in years and likely knows that stuff has value

  • Alan H
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    Speak to the step kid: let her/him know that you can help in passing it on to where it would be valued.

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