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CLimate change help?

The general premise of the movie The Day After Tomorrow is that global warming is leading to a melting of ice that is contributing to a slowing of an ocean current. The abrupt shutdown of this current quickly plunges the Earth into the next ice age. Based on your knowledge of what controls Earth s climate, ocean circulation, and ice ages, describe the scientific inaccuracies of this movie plot.

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    At the end of the last ice age, a large lake formed where the great lakes are. An ice dam is believed to have broken spilling trillions of gallons of water through the St. Lawrence Sea Way and theoretically plunged the earth into a few hundred years of cold climate by disrupting the ocean currents in the North Atlantic. This created the Younger Dryas Period which may have wiped out the Megafauna as well as the Clovis people. There is no body of water present or in the foreseeable future that could do the same thing. The movie is fiction and not even good fiction.

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    Don't believe movies. Chuck Norris will fix it.

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      I will answer here, since Cyclops hates the truth.

      The Day after tomorrow is nonsense. Descending air does not fail to warm if it drops to fast. A diesel engine compresses air much faster than a descending air mass can. The increase of temperature is what ignites the fuel

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