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Ex boyfriend emailed me on Valentine's day..? (please read message)?

My ex was a mean jerk to me back when I was still attending college, thank goodness we had never had sex and I got away from him (changed my phone number too).

My ex is a commercial driver, so on Feb 14th he sent me a message.


Happy Valentine's Day

I hope you're having a wonderful day and staying dry

I saw you the other day on K---- Road and I honked but I guess you did not see me. You were wearing a green and blue dress.

Why is he even sending me an email, I don't get it. He had deceived me and had other girlfriends. Jake was a horrible guy. He admitted he would never find another girl like me (he has plenty which he fools around with but admitted he has yet to meet a genuine christian woman as I am).

Your thoughts please..?

(I really dislike my ex due to his hypocritical, arrogant, abhorrant behaviour).

I'm 33 currently and he is 41.


PS: We are currently not in contact, I just don't understand why this horrible guy who wounded my heart STILL Has the guts to send me an email. He is very good-looking but inside is as deceitful as Satan.

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    Perhaps this guy has changed and is looking to rekindle his relationship with you by reaching out and extending the olive branch. Guys change - even the most deceitful ones and there is every chance that this guy has grown up and matured. What you need to do is decide whether or not you would be open to speaking to him again. I get that you may be apprehensive but the important thing to remember is that no one can force you to do anything that you are not comfortable with. Moreover, you could always take things slow until you get a better idea of what this guy's intentions are. I really hope that this helps :)

    Source(s): How long ago did you break up with this guy? Could there be a chance that he has changed for the better and regrets what happened? Would you be willing to give him a second chance?
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    • We dated no more than a year. He showed his true colours, forgive him years later sadly he deceived me again. This is back in 2010, 2015 he seemingly repented in Christ only to go back behaving as apostate. Thank you for answering, its time to move ahead in spirituality in Jesus, who comforts all.

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