Are you scared of missing out on the utopia of heaven?

All humans die someday because all humans are truly evil beings. The wages of sin is death. No one will make heaven!

Heaven is for good perfect beings only. Humans and their rotten dead corpses, anus, feces, body odors, urine etc would never be in heaven.

How does it feel to miss out on the perfect land of heaven?

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  • Kin
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    9 months ago
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    No, I fear other things than what you're saying. I much rather not lose a good afterlife. First of all, humans are not all evil the reason why death occurs. Death is the first stage of the afterlife..the grave is where it begins. When one dies, their exam on earth ends and God will let know the individual how they were on earth. What they used to do and what they've done for Him. He lets them know of their deeds and takes their souls to dwell in a temporary place until Resurrection/Judgement Day. Some souls..the good soul goes to a blissful place and their grave is a comfortable temporary resting place for them.

    The bad soul dwells in a torturous place while waiting for Resurrection/Judgement Day and their grave is a uncomfortable, torturous one and the torture doesn't stop unless God forgives them.

    Death is not because of sin. Second, you are lying. God promised and will fill people with paradise & the hellfire.

    God will make paradise full and will make hellfire full as well on the Day of Resurrection/Recompense/Judgement.

    Third, there are no such thing as perfect human beings. God already has perfect beings and the angels are the perfect ones who obey every command. God doesn't want another set of creation who strive for perfection. No.

    Fourth, God's paradises are for those who receive His mercy. Everyone needs His mercy and His paradises indeed does have levels. Some will dwell in a special place but doesn't mean others are excluded from achieving such high stations.

    It means anyone who desires such high statuses and the highest stations of paradise{s}..they are to strive for God the way He deserves. It is a fair competition. They are to work hard for it with their own efforts and striving for God's mercy, His Happiness. They are to connect with Him through worship and to ask from Him as they strive to be dutiful to Him, seeking His pleasure & mercy. They are to be hopeful of Him and hopeful of His mercy. Not despair and despair of their desire. No.

    Fifth, who told you people that will dwell in paradise will be impure with their impurities just as they have been on earth? You are wrong. The people of paradise will never perish and they never have those needs such as using the restroom or such impurities. No. Never again. When they eat, the food just dissolves in their stomachs and will never use restrooms as they do not need to discharge any impurities. They stay pure and are in state of purity.

    When they sweat, their sweat has a sweet fragrance of musk and when they burp, its the scent of musk. And they never age. Things only get better and better for them so does their beauty. Their beauty increases more and more each moment. They also never experience the things they've used to experience on earth.

  • Nous
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    9 months ago

    Look at the terrible intolerance, hatred, bigotry, homophobia and persecution by Christians towards others! No DECENT persons wants to spend a minute in such company let alone eternity! Christians show Hell would be a much nicer place!

  • Doug
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    9 months ago

    Death is the universal penalty for sin. The most realistic way to understand that is to look at death as the typical "sentence" for sins we have committed and been judged guilty of. Once having "served" that "sentence" we may have satisfied our portion of the debt of sin and may then be suitable, by the grace and mercy of God, if our "mind" is right, to be invited into heaven. If not, we end up in hell. As for our bodies: until the Resurrection occurs, all those in heaven, with the exception of Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary will be pure spirit, with no corporeal bodies. Jesus and Mary already have glorified, resurrection bodies, which no longer exhibit any of the "nasty" characteristics you seem to have so many problems with.

  • Archer
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    9 months ago

    You don't even know just how sad you are.

    • Kin
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      9 months agoReport

      @archer, you are the sad one and will be much sadder if you die disbelieving in God and rejecting the truth.

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    This is actually evidence that humans are evil.

  • 9 months ago


    Are you scared of missing out on valhalla?

    Books claiming things, doesn't make the claims in books true.

    Source(s): There is absolutely no reason to believe a soul exists, making an after life beyond pointless. You cease to exist at the moment of death. This makes life faaaaaaar more important than Christians act like it is. Enjoy it while you're here, soon enough you won't be.
  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Not really . Free Will is going to screw up things in heaven the same as here .

    If it's so utopian what Will did the Satan Devil thingy use .

    And exactly how long did it take for Satan Devil thingy to go all tangent pissed about perfection .

    Let me explain the Christian Judean myth from apocrypha where this fall of Lucifer and the 1/3 comes from .

    Now involve time . Was that incidental or paramount . Time will always change things even if Christians say god is beyond time . Could anyone subservient to change ever tolerate a none changing god forever .

    It's all a fairy tale but maybe you need a little bible study to help you understand your favored fairy tale ,

    Lucifer was gods' apex creation and highest angel and most obedient .

    If he supposedly fell then anyone can especially lower echelon and

    that's not a utopia .

  • 9 months ago

    That's what Jesus did for us!!

    • Ubar9 months agoReport

      Prove he existed.
      Note, the bible doesn't count, as its fiction.

  • 9 months ago

    Why would I be scared of something that doesn't exist?

    I'm not interested in worrying about some magical utopia after I die.

    I'm more concerned about trying to improve living conditions here on earth.

    • Ubar9 months agoReport

      Agreed, and beyond Christians compression.

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