Does the democratic party have a problem with hatred of Israel?



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  • 9 months ago
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    the democratic party has a problem because all those angry people to whom they pandered for over a decade to put wedge issues and identity politics above jobs, the economy and national defense are now expecting them to actually fulfill those promises...

    so many people forget that Obama made his first splash as a candidate by refusing to wear a flag pin at the early debates....his democratic opponents jumped on him for it and he shrewdly portrayed them as a bunch of "republican flag-wavers in democrat clothing."

    this is not an accusation of being "anti-American"....this is an illustration of how his campaign (and more specifically, the faction of the party that backed him) specifically wanted the backing what were once considered "fringe" elements in the Party.... if you want to know who they are, take any issue, identify a "victim" and a "victimizer"... then take the side of the victim while demonizing the victimizer... other words, Obama's faction worked hard to cull those who used terms like "patriarchy"..."white privilege"... "christian cult".... "rich-class" well as siding with the "underdog" in every international construct...

    for years Obama's faction did well..... but to many others within the party, he was (at best) not effective enough and (at worst) a failure... Omar herself just recently criticized Obama for failing on his campaign promises to the anti-war crowd...

    trust me.....this goes way beyond Israel and the role they play in American politics...these new generation dems have already cost ultra-wealthy DNC donors billions in NY....Pelosi, whose value was always based on her ability to raise funds among rich California democrats, is scrambling reign in the angry young voices while trying to maintain the illusion of a party united against Trump...

    some might say Trump makes it easy to unite against him.... but even today he is basically taking the side of those who defended Omar and criticizing the democrats "anti bigotry" resolution..,.

    the question for 2020 may not be "who will win" so much as "how many voters raised to think that politics was based on affirming their single-issue, single-minded mentalities will actually make it to 2020 without their little heads exploding....?"

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    No, they're just as supportive as they ever were. They're just anti-Trump. Whatever Trump supports, they oppose - even the rule of law.

    What the REAL problem is, is that no one has bothered to educate themselves on the history of Israel and doesn't understand the political corruption that built it and maintains it.

    Why is Palestine the enemy? What did they do?

    They simply tried to protect what was rightfully theirs. The issues go back to the Balfour Declaration and the question about why it specifically forbade the Zionists from disrupting religious freedom for those already living there - if the British were merely "supportive of establishing a homeland for the Jews" as the rest of the document claims, there would have been no need for the conditions attached to it.

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    The equality/inequality paradigm is indicative of left wing acceptance of equality and right wing resistance to it. This has to do w/ authoritarianism, the hierarchical structure in society etc. (pretty complicated stuff but a consistency in the prevailing ethos of what defines the wings).

    The history is long and well documented. The reps resisted women's suffrage and gay marriage. The right wing south defeated the Equal Rights Amendment. When black equality surfaced as a political priority (civil rights), it was rejected primarily by the reps and the south. This is how the south became so red today.

    Individualism and group mentalities also help define the wings. The righties throw all Muslims on the same bus of oppression dismissive of the innocent people they persecute (trump's Muslim ban) while the lefties judge individuality on content of character. They condemn the terrorists ... not the whole religion of Islam.

    I'm a lefty. I like everyone initially. Changes can occur when they reveal who they are by character. Righties see a burka and think terrorist.

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    Some Democrats, at least. I don't think what Omar said was wrong. There's people who take it to disgusting levels though. A Jordanian teen stabbed an elderly Jewish family to death on the West Bank and my dad applauded it. Said "Good riddance," that they deserved it. Do you think that crosses a line? I do, but I don't feel the same about Omar.

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    There are 27 Jewish Members of Congress, 25 of them are Democrats.

    There are 9 Jewish Senators, 8 are Democrats, 1 is an independent.

    You can draw your own conclusions about the Dems support for Jewish causes.

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      Popularity would indicate support from that sector of the community of the policies of that particular political party, that is how politics works.

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    you really should change your username

    not only are you a poor example it's poor grammar

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    Israel is a country. It is ok to question why Americans are wasting so much money on an apartheid country.

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    Yes, I think they do, especially since the Democratic Party has shifted Left. The Jews who are liberal are being offended by their own party.

    As a Christian I understand that the divide between God and the world is being more obvious. God has a way of getting people off the fence. The Jews in the Democratic Party have to decide whether they will stand for God's promised land or the world (Humanism and similar philosophies).

    I think that is what we are seeing right now.

    See UN HR 2334. That is the world attempting to control what God has control of. Being a Zionist doesn't mean you agree with what Jewish leaders say. It means you recognize Israel's right to exist. It might also mean you recognize what God's word says about Israel.

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