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just lately, Amanda Knox jokes about the murder of Meredith Kercher on Instagram ....what is wrong with her?

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    She has always been a strange person, I respect the fact that she has now been legally cleared of any wrong doing but she is extremely creepy in the way she behaves and a huge attention seeker too.

    She has very little regard for those who loved Meredith by making these jokes and has no respect for the seriousness of the situation, I remember reading that she was doing hand stands in the police station shortly after Meredith's death and whilst she was waiting to be asked questions, that is just bizzare behaviour in my opinion even if she had done nothing wrong, it's hardly appropriate given that a young woman had been murdered.

    She is either inconsiderate and ignorant beyond belief or genuinely thinks there is some kind of humour to be found in the fact that someone was killed and she herself spent 5 years in prison for it despite being innocent.

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      and her boyfriend at the time, even told police that she indeed had told him to lie to the police about her being with him that night? that is true? why he reverted back from this story? why he ever told police that in the first place?

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    Off hand, I'd say A LOT.

    I live in Italy, and followed the case EVERY day, from start to finish, from Murder to Jail, to appeal to aquittal, to re-trial.----to Hillary's Secretary of State interference and political PRESSURE.....and the laughlable OVERTURNING of the GUILTY convictions by a a single Judge, who then rapidly retired, no doubt with a fat bank account.

    For all her crying........her and the boyfriend LIED to police, ***REPEATEDLY** . Both wrote written statements, that were BOTH proven to be FALSE. Their alibi's were proven to be FALSE.

    He was stopped at the border , with a load of cash and his passport when he was ordered not to leave the country. Claimed he was just going skiing, and didn't REALIZE it was across the border. Right...that's why you had your passport and a suitcase of go skiing.

    She framed an innocent man, ...the conviction for which, WAS upheld, and she received 4 years for that offense alone............but cries big tears about being "framed" herself. .....but didn't blink framing an innocent black man. Claimed she didn't know Rudy Guede, the drug dealer.......when she admitted, that she bought and used drugs. Claimed she called a certain hour.....when that was clearly false and proven false by phone records. She lied and lied and lied and lied again and again........and then claimed innocence.

    She swore her Italian was "sketchy" when she defended herself in court, in Italian, and was in Italy , to study, in Italian.....but tried in her defense to say, she didn't understand what was being asked of her.

    Claimed she was "beaten" by police, and was SUED by the Police force, who said that was an out and out lie. Under pressure....she kept revising that a few "slaps" upside the head. ..and then to being screamed at. So being BEATEN, changed to .....they yelled at me. ...after I did handstands in the hallway of the police station while waiting to be questioned about my "dear roommate" savagely slashed to Death in my same house. ---but yeah, now would be a good time to act like a total fruitcake.

    That, and a 1,000 other things, from the actual EVIDENCE of the why a JURY.......BOTH TIMES , committed them both to over 25 years in prison for the murder.

    There was no "Kangaroo court".......all murder convictions are AUTOMATICALLY appealled, and she herself BEGGED for the re-trial......and she GOT IT. All proper by Italian LAW.

    and she was found GUILTY a second time. A SEPERATE panel of "review" Judges threw out the JURY's verdict.....and INEXPLICABLY reversed it........both times. ...and under Italian law.........they don't have to give a REASON for their decisions.

    Clearly..........political pressure played a role.......and the "poor american" was doubt in Exchange for some political favor.

    Do not believe for one second, that she had nothing to do with this crime. That's total BS.

    She should thank her stars she's not rotting in prison right now, and STFU about making JOKES about the murder of her "good friend"....

    she's a vile little liar, just like Casey Anthony.

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