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Is it my fault my ex's car is gone?

Ok so I took my ex to court for child endangerment because he was being a danger to our 2 year old daughter. He was taking her out of daycare without my permission and never bothered to get a car seat and plus he's not a careful driver and almost got into an accident. So the judge suspended his license and had his car towed. Now his other baby mama is mad at me because his car is gone and saids its my fault. She said, "why you have his car taken away? Now how am I supposed to get to work and get my hair and nails done and get the kids to school if he cant drive us??? Its all your fault!!! Is it really my fault???

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    Yes it could be said to be your fault.

    But if a mother ignores the risk she is putting a child at, it is a greater fault!!

    What I am saying is that it is nothing to feel bad about.

    After all which is worse-

    Some one loosing their car


    Some one loosing their child.

    Often life is about making the best choice in a difficult situations. Making the right choice requires considering the consequences. While living with out a car is difficult, it is not as difficult as loosing a child or visiting a child in the hospital.

    The ex made two mistakes:

    1. Picking up the child with out your permission.

    2. Not having a car seat.

    You made no mistake at all by reporting him. But that does not mean you were with out fault, it only means you were in the right. That might seem confusing, but some times a person can be right and still be part of the problem. Not the biggest part of the problem.

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    No its not your fault. You dont have to explain anything to the other woman. And why is she replying on a dude to take her and the kids everyehere??? Why cant she get her own car to drive her and the kids to places on her own??? She doesnt sound independent and sounds childish by blaming you

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    You were protecting your kid. You have no responsiblity twards the other women. Your ex should have known better then to endanger your kid.

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