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Why while Professional Wrestling has had resulted in deaths of many Professional Wrestlers, it is not banned?

And also why people think the acts are fake yet?!

This kind of sport is so harmful both for the wrestlers and the children who want to perform the acts on theirselves

Why it is doing yet and aired on TV Channels?!

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  • 1 year ago
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    If things like the WWE are so dangerous, then you need to look at all of the 'sports' shows as a danger. WWE is scripted/planned (for the most part) and wrestlers have had incidents with Drugs and various dangers/ailments do to being in the industry for years.

    Anyway however WWE or 'Pro Wrestling' as an entertainment industry is nothing different than Acrobatic circus acts. It's only that the scripted movements in Wrestling displays potential violence.

    The Circus portrays some violence, dagger and arrow throwers, flaming swords, sword swallowing and other various feats of strength and oddities.

    Anyway WWE has this to say:

    Should young children watch WWE?

    We at WWE have families of our own, so we understand how important it is for parents to take an active role in what their children watch on television. We encourage parents to help their children select suitable programs and to understand the difference between scripted-entertainment television and real life. We urge those who allow their children to watch our programming to explain that what our Superstars do on television should not be emulated or attempted in real life. All WWE broadcast programming is rated TV-PG as defined by the Federal Communications Commission.

    What is WWE’s stance on “backyard wrestling”?

    WWE is adamantly opposed to “backyard wrestling.” Our events are conducted in a safe environment and executed by highly trained athletic professionals. Any attempt by our fans to emulate our Superstars physicality is extremely dangerous and irresponsible. Parents should let their loved ones know that practicing “backyard wrestling” is not a path to WWE Superstardom. When we receive videotapes from backyard wrestlers, the tapes are returned unviewed. We encourage parents to take a proactive role in the activities of their children to ensure their safety. WWE issues a “Do Not Try This” public service announcement (PSA) during our programming to alert and educate children, teens and parents about the dangers of re-enacting the athletic moves of our professional performers. We intend to continue promoting safety by recording and broadcasting similar public service announcements in the future.

    So you ask why people think it's fake, most of the time the show or match is predetermined. And moves are usually choreographed to some extent.

    If this bothers you that the matches or shows look so real, then you need to re-examine yourself and wonder why you feel that this is real.

    Even WWE retired superstar Edge admits that WWE is Fake Scripted Made up especially when a caller calls in with similar complaints as you.

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  • 1 year ago

    being born is the biggest cause of death and yet people keep on been born

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    free country to do stupid things .....................................

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  • 1 year ago

    Sports are dangerous period! Unless the deaths are in droves, performers are very much aware that they are taking a risk and I respect them so much for it.

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  • Razer
    Lv 4
    1 year ago

    it is incredibly watered down nowadays as far as the risk factors it is not nearly as dangerous as was in the past.

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  • Geese
    Lv 6
    1 year ago

    Many of those wrestlers died after their careers in the business were long over. You're not going to see Senator Elizabeth Warren calling a hearing demanding Vince McMahon to testify about the dangers of pro wrestling anytime soon. Maybe the feds could try Vinnie Mac, again, for steroid distribution to his wrestlers (i.e. Eddie Guerrero) but the feds has got to have an air-tight case and, last time they tried him in the mid 1990's, the case fell apart. I believe their star witness Kevin Wacholz (Nailz) testified that Vince told him to take steroids but he lost credibility when the defense attorney cross-examined him and Kevin admitted he hated Vince.

    To my first point, wrestlers like Test, Chyna, and Big Bossman passed away long after their careers in the WWE were over. If they were doing drugs, acting in porn, or died of natural causes you can't really blame pro wrestling for that.

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