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Question about my internet phone to my LapTop?

When I hook my SAMSUNG Internet phone to my Inter Core i3 LapTop, the laptop is picking-up the phone device, but it's not getting anything from it - it says the folder from this phone is empty, so I can't get any pictures from it that what pictures I saved on the phone.

Is there anything for the LapTop to get pictures from the phone, or what file do I have to save the pictures-in the phone for the LapTop to able to pick-up any pictures from?

The pictures look better if get it right from the internet rather than just taking pictures of them.

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  • 1 year ago
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    On your phone, you usually have to accept a message to allow the computer to access the phone's storage. Do this on the phone first, and then it should let you view the contents of the internal storage and of the micro SD card (if installed on the phone).

    • Daniel1 year agoReport

      Okay, I think it already got working-I just touch the 'allow' button on this phone,
      But Thank You anyway!

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