bruise after a scooter accident?

Hi, I had an accident 2 weeks ago on a scooter (in bali). I got some scratches, one got later infected probably by me going into the sea. I got antibiotics for that and it is almost healed now, the infection seems to be gone. I got a very light scratch on my upper thigh, and it got swallen. The swelling is still there, hasn t healed or went down in those 2 weeks. And yday wen I touched it, it seems lumpy inside . It hurts a bit, nothing major. The bruise is almost gone. Shall I be worried about the swelling still being there and those lumps inside? No mockers, please. Thank you for answers

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    No. If it's not severely painful, red or hot to the touch, it's just deep tissue damage. Give it a couple more weeks.

    Source(s): Retired nurse
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