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Why do we still have the ATF?

They just light people on fire, remember waco? We should just get rid of them and let people do what they want. Stop being such puzzys I don't see how lighting people on fire is better then blowing them up.

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    U r speaking of one public incident that yes should not have happened like it did, but everybody to some extent does want alcohol, tobacco, and firearms regulated, granted not necessary the ATF, but someone does have to enforce those regulations.

    Do u really think just because booze is legal that u will never find one drop brewed illegally and not just unlicened, but in a dangerous manner? Or that it is not possible to find tobacco that really should b regected for everyting except MAYBE as a pest repellent?

    And what about the quality of firearms?

  • 9 months ago

    The ATF was such a screwed up agency that the politicians tried to fold it into the FBI, but the FBI strongly resisted. They basically said "We don't want those fvckups in our agency."

  • 9 months ago

    It's actually BATFE and Liberlas didn't have a problem with them under President Clinton nor the FBI and Ruby Ridge.

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