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Who can beat the Warriors in a best of 7 series?

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    1. Rockets ( If they're all healthy, Harden performs like he is right now in the post season, Kenneth Faried keeps this up, and if the shooting from the role players continues to stay consistent )

    2. 76ers ( Simmons, Embiid, Butler, and Tobias all play well , Boban becomes a monster in the paint, JJ Reddick stays consistent from 3 , and Jimmy becomes a reliable closer )

    3. Raptors ( They match up really well, Siakam has improved, Gasol is a good piece )

    4. Bucks ( Giannis would have to go crazy, Middleton keeps up with his all star play, Lopez continues what he is doing, role players step up )

    5. Celtics ( Just need to improve in chemistry )

    6. Thunder ( They're tough when Paul George is doing good, when PG is doing good, the whole team feeds off his energy )

    7. Nuggets ( Keep doing what they're doing)

    8. Lakers ( Depending whether Lonzo comes back this season, if Lebron even wants to play anymore, defense steps up, and shots fall down.. they're a talented team but just have lost their way. )

    Rockets have the best opportunity to knock off the Warriors in the playoffs

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    10 months ago

    No body now but the 2012 heat could or the 1990s bulls

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    Last year the warriors finished the season horribly. They didnt look like a super team and people questioned their leadership and team chemistry. However during the playoffs they change everything around. When playoffs start they just improve dramatically.. YES chris paul was hurt and a bunch or people said the rockets should have won however andre was hurt also and that's what killed the warriors.. with everyone healthy the warriors would win in 6 games

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    10 months ago

    Only the Rockets; but one of them won’t be there.

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