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Fitness for Functionality or Aesthetics?

You will still get Aesthetics from training like an athlete instead of a Body builder.

But if I train more towards Body building am I missing out on something? What benefit will I have compared to an athlete in terms of functionality?

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    I first learned to lift properly alongside the college football team where I made a friend who showed me this; he brings his arm across his chest to show he can barely cross it more than a few degrees passed straight out front due to the size of his pecs to which he comments "it sucks."

    There's a Youtube channel where he invites fitness personalities over under the branded line "nice muscles, what can you do with them?" For some guys the goal is to be as big as possible no matter what and frankly I think it's a subtle psychological issue. They spend half their time in the gym commenting on how other guys aren't so big. With some butt chaffing going on right now, I'll say being big isn't always the best goal.

    The physique build for which there are competitions differs from what's technically considered functional training and of course, both differ from body building. The sometimes goofy things you see trainers do for old ladies is the heart of functional training. Coming from Pilates and physical therapy, they work on functionality. If you're knee is slipping out of it;s joint, you'll want to train those stabilizers which you lost after 45 years of sitting down. Yoga is "high-function"(al) training.

    The physique people look good without much mass while bodybiulders care as much about aesthetics as they do mass. There are very sport-specific so called functional training programs. Whereas sprinters will focus on explosive lower body work, baseballers will focus on upper body stabilization. You can find a middle ground between all three but a jack of all trades is a master of none.

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