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Did I do the right thing to stay out of this?

I have a good friend Wanda who is a single mom who has a 15 year old daughter Jo. She told me Jo was failing math in school and needed a tutor and that she could not afford a tutor. She asked if I would tutor Jo and she would pay me when she got some money. I told her I would tutor Jo for free and I did. The tutoring must have helped because Jo’s grade went from an F to a B+.

Wanda and Jo were both happy with the results of the tutoring and wanted to take me to dinner to just to say thanks. At the dinner Wanda excused herself to take a cell phone call. When her mom was gone Jo asked me it I thought she was old enough to be allowed to date. I told her that was between her and her mom and I did not have an opinion on that. She then asked me what age I started dating and I told her 15 or 16 years old. Jo asked if I would talk to her mom about her dating. She said her mom greatly respected my opinion and she would listen to me.

I don’t think I should get into this discussion with Wanda about Jo dating do you?

Moms and teen age girls, please let me know what the right thing to do in this situation is.

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    Definetly not appropriate or in good taste to bring it up. However if Jo convinces her mom to bring it up to you first then its ok to give your honest opinion but only if the mom initiates the convo first

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    You did the right thing by staying out of this because you're her tutor, not her parent. If she asked you to talk to her mother about something that has to do with education, it would be okay, but her being allowed to date is personal and should only be between her and her mother.

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