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Civil War: William Seward (war crimes?)?

Did William Seward commit (or help aide) any war crimes during the civil war?

If he did please state what they were and provide any evidence/links that you have.

If you can, please include how it can be argued that he is innocent or guilty of these crimes.

Thank you.

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    I would like to list many of the crimes committed by Lincoln and his Administration.

    Also Lincoln's Violations of the US Constitution.

    The Presidential oath of office that Lincoln swore to was "to preserve, protect and defend" the Constitution of the US.

    I apologize up front for truthful, accurate, factual posts here that may hurt any Lincoln fan's feelings...

    Secession of states was not prohibited by the US Constitution at that time. Therefore it was completely legal for states to decide

    #1 Lincoln ordered the military blockade of Southern ports.

    This an act of war.

    Only Congress can do that.

    At that time Lincoln certainly violated the US Constitution.

    #2 Lincoln ordered hundreds of Northern newspapers who dared to speak out against him to be shut down. And their owners and editors were arrested for disloyalty.

    This is a clear violation of the 1st Amendment of the Constitution that Lincoln swore to uphold.

    #3 Lincoln ordered the arrest of Ohio Congressman Clement Vallandigham for the crime of speaking out against him.

    Can you imagine that?

    #4 Ex parte Merryman,

    Chief Justice of the US Roger Taney, sitting as a judge of the United States Circuit Court for the District of Maryland, ruled that Lincoln had violated the US Constitution when he illegally suspended the Writ of Habeas Corpus.

    After hearing this Lincoln signed an arrest warrant to have the Chief Justice of the US arrested.

    #5 US Constitution Article lll...

    Section 3. Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them.

    Lincoln committed treason.

    Lincoln waged war upon his own country. Unless one considers secession legal and the Confederacy was a sovereign nation.

    #6 Lincoln sent Union troops door to door in areas of Maryland, a Union state, to confiscate weapons.

    This is a clear violation of the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution.

    Many Constitutional violations against Maryland

    'Maryland my Maryland' was published calling Lincoln a tyrant and a despot and a vandal.

    Lincoln as already mentioned, trashed the Constitution by suspending the Writ of Habeas Corpus and sending troops door to door confiscating weapons in areas of Maryland.

    Maryland was a Union state.

    Lincoln ordered the arrest of thousands Marylanders for the crime of 'suspected Southern sympathies'.

    Lincoln ordered the arrest of US Congressman Henry May representing Maryland. #7

    Lincoln also had arrested...

    Most of the Maryland State Legislature #8

    Most of the Baltimore city council #9

    The police commissioner of Baltimore #10

    The mayor of Baltimore #11

    Thousands of prominent Maryland citizens. #12

    These people were arrested and held in Military prisons, without trial, some of them for years.

    This trashing of the Constitution upset many Marylanders. One of them was named Booth.

    Committing so many crimes against Maryland would end up giving Lincoln a big "headache".


    April 25 1861, When it looks as though Maryland may secede from the Union, Lincoln sends a letter to General Winfield Scott giving him permission to bombard Maryland's Cities.

    This war criminal Lincoln couldn't wait to bombard innocent civilians. We call that Terrorism these days.

    #13 Lincoln issues the Emancipation Proclamation.

    This is a direct violation of the US Constitution and the US Supreme Courts decision on the matter.

    #14 The Lincoln administration allowed the taking of private property for public use without just compensation or due process of law.

    This is a clear violation of the 5th Amendment.

    A prime example is the Union army stealing Robert E Lees home, Arlington House, which they used as Headquarters.

    Since dead Union soldiers were stacking up like cordwood, they started burying them in Lee's yard. There were so many Union soldiers graves here, this was to become Arlington National Cemetery.

    #15 The Lincoln Administration routinely used water torture against the thousands of Union prisoners arrested and jailed without trail.

    This violates the 8th Amendment,

    "Cruel and unusual punishment".

    #16 Lincoln was Commander-in-Chief of an Army whose invasion of the South resulted in the deaths of 50,000 Southern civilians.

    And Only a war Monger would destroy a whole town meriden no longer exists

    After the destruction of the economic and military infrastructure of Meridian, Sherman is reported to have said, "Meridian with its depots, store-houses, arsenal, hospitals, offices, hotels, and cantonments no longer exists all for Nothing there was No CSA army there

    Lincoln never cared about the slave because Congress had to Introduce the 13 Amendment to Free all the 900,000 slaves in the Union states Grant still had slaves 12 months after the war Proving it was to save Lincolns Job and nothing to do with slavery

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    Seward was instrumental in assisting the Underground Railroad and he was a vocal enemy of slavery. There is no evidence he participated in any war crimes.

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    If only there was a way for people to research historical information from their own home... some sort of electronic data collection...

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