Why does it feel like straight people are on a watch to keep gay people from being expressive in their effemininity?

I feel like straight people are constantly on the watch for any flamboyant gay behavior and they want you to stop if they catch it. It's like living in prison or slavery. I could just go against them but I don't feel like I can with the way my mind is set up. It's like if I ever go against anyone my mind destroys me. I don't know if thats internalized homophobia because it's only with gay stuff. If it's about other stuff I can stand up for myself but if it's about being gay I don't feel like I can.

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  • 11 months ago
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    Some straight peoole have that obsession. If it helps, the vast majority don't know that you exist, or care.

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  • 11 months ago

    Most people, including women, believe that women are inferior to men. They have ancient texts to support that. So it is unfathomable that a 'sane' male would embrace the expression of an inferior population. That got it all backwards, of course.

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  • 11 months ago

    Not all gays are feminine.

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  • Dave
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    11 months ago

    The problem is not the random straight people who have a problem with gay people it's you.

    You are insecure and let that rule every emotion.

    Strangely enough insecurity and narcissism have something in common.

    People suffering from both of these think everyone is noticing them.

    Guess what. Most of us are so busy being worried about what others think of us we rarely notice anyone else.

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