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Jen asked in HealthDiet & Fitness · 11 months ago

I m having a learning curve issue trying to eat the healthiest types of lettuce salad. What should I do?

So I m great with romaine. Yum, crunchy. But I bought this organic, mixed spring greens, and it s so tough and chewy! Should I go buy crispier lettuce to mix with it, or what???

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    11 months ago
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    You're going to get all kinds of greens in those things and occasionally e-coli when the workers poop in the field because they got yelled at to not take breaks and work faster. Those (poop not included) can be spinach, arugula, kales and chards, maybe even collard and mustard greens. The idea of a technically good salad is a texture profile between tough and tender. But frankly, I agree some people over-do it. It's all too much. Just chop some romaine hearts super thin, decapitation-wise and just toss in some dressing. You need nothing else. But that's not the healthiest.

    All the mixed greens have alot of nutrition that plain romaine doesn't. But you still don't get them if you avoid it because you hate it. And FYI, salad can be a great way to get your veggies in but if you're eating only salad to be "healthy" your neglecting all the other nutrition you need. At that point you might as well live off Cheetos and be happy because you'll be just as unhealthy either way.

    The healthiest salad would be like said, make your own as crispy as you want. Mostly romaine, then experiment; add broccoli? mushrooms? tomato? cheese? croutons? bread crumbs? green leaf? Radicchio? bacon? Serve it on garlic bread? Under a chicken breast in wine sauce? Garnished cold on hot sauteed shrimp, spinach, and choy? The world is your oyster, which you can also serve with chopped romaine although the CDC requires me to tell you to cook the oysters and not eat them raw, an unfortunate delusion of reference paralleling life in general.

    • Jen
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      I'm really impressed with your wealth of knowledge! I do like salad (not a fan of bacon). Always include other veggies.
      So following your ideas, I baked chicken breast, chopped some organic romaine, SHREDDED mixed greens, added them along with cuke and tomato, drizzled raspberry vinaigrette. Yum!

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