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What do you think about Roman Reigns returning to Monday Night RAW to give an update on his battle with leukemia?

Bonus Question: What do you think about Chris "Abyss" Parks, Jeff Jarrett, Shane Helms, Shawn Diavari & Sonjay Dutt having backstage roles in WWE?

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    I hope it’s good news. I’ve seen speculations floating around that he could be hosting WrestleMania. Which I would be okay with.

    BQ: It’s interesting that they are signing a lot of younger agents now. I think Abyss will be good at his new job. I’m hoping that we could possibly get a one off appearance one day. Hopefully for the Rumble. But I’m still glad he’s got a new job.

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    It’s not needed and is just a ratings stunt.

    Tna guys running things backstage in wwe, good luck to them, I’m doubtful they’ll make any noticeable changes but maybe they can spice the show up.

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