A 2.4 kg object is moving to the right in the positive x direction with a speed of 1.0 m/s .?

Object experiences the force shown in (Figure 1). What is the object's speed after the force ends?

What is the direction of the object’s velocity after the force ends?


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    An impulse will result in a change of momentum

    As the mass does not change, the velocity must.

    The impulse is the area under the curve

    p = ½*2 = 1 N•s = 1 kg•m/s

    As the impulse is positive, it increases the speed of the mass.

    2.4(1) kg•m/s + 1 kg•m/s = 3.4 kg•m/s

    3.4 kg•m/s / 2.4 kg = 1.4166666...

    vf = 1.4 m/s

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    • Whome
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      The result is positive, this indicates an increase in velocity. A velocity increase indicates it's going faster in the direction it was originally moving. So, to the right.

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