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I've invested a lot of time in a guy who I've just found out is married with kids. I'm in love with him. How do I get over him?

I've tried to rid him from my life, believe me, but I can't resist him.

Any advice, please?

Thanks in advance.

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    Why not allow yourself to feel angry at him? I think your desire is silencing your anger, because your desire is so intense (partially because you can't have him, and that threatens your self worth/esteem). He screwed you over, and he is harming a child with his behavior. You need to tap into your hidden anger for someone who thinks they can do whatever they want, and not suffer the consequences. Do you think for even an instant that he wouldn't throw you over as soon as he is bored of you too? He had no problem doing it to his own family, you are nothing but a thing to be used for his pleasure while he has interest. Your desire for him speaks more to you wanting to prove that someone who is imperfect is still deserving of love. You offer love to him, because you want the world to reflect that back on you. You want someone to love you despite your own imperfections, so you manifest that act outwardly. That gets complicated by the fact that likely some part of you feels that deeply flawed people do not deserve love, which sets up a conflict that you seek to resolve. Loving someone who does not deserve it, proves to yourself that the no one is past loving, which is more palatable than realizing that this guy is not acting in a way that should be encouraged.

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    You find a way to resist him. Hes proven he can and will lie to you - and to his family. That wasnt an accident and there's no excuse.

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    Either you make yourself do it, or you can be content being the other woman and probably ruining a marriage.

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