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Quicker Way to Boil Eggs? Have you ever tried this way to cook eggs, OR are you willing to try it? Please tell me what you thought?

of it.

Put about up to an inch of water in a pan, boil the water, then stick in the whole eggs (with shells) into the pan, cover. Time exactly 6 minutes for Soft boiled eggs, and 8 minutes for Hard boiled eggs. When the time is done, Immediately drain out the hot water, crack the eggs and cover with cold water. Just for a short time. They will be pretty perfectly cooked and easy to peel. These are much quicker because the small amount of water takes shorter time to boil, and the steam cooks the eggs in a shorter time also. AND … These are better, because the eggs tend not to crack and spill out, because they are not likely to roll around in a lot of boiling water.


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    Sounds good

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    I did something like that before InstantPot. Now, for hard boiled, I rack a dozen eggs, put them into the pot, with a cup of cold water and set the machine to steam for 5 minutes. When that time is up, I let the pressure release for another 5 minutes, the put them in an ice water bath for, you guessed it, another 5 minutes. No green ring around the yolk. Even fresh eggs are unbelievably easy to peel, and the texture is great. I try to keep deviled eggs in the fridge all the time. A dozen will last the two of us about a week.

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    Bad idea. You could easily boil the water away and it would take longer to steam an egg than to boil it

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    Or.. you could turn the heat down..

    Eggs crack in boiling water because the temp is too high...

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  • y
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    putting cold eggs suddenly into boiling water tends to split them open.

  • 10 months ago

    Just put them in a steamer

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