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Saab 9-3 Reliability?

hi, im asking for advice on Saab car I have recently been given, I've been given a Saab 93 1.9 TID Vector Sport 2006, the mileage at current is 322477.8. Ive been told that is doesn't have a DPF? I've never had a diesel before so have no clue about them but I have been told that diesels are not good with short journeys, and as a care worker I spend all day making lots of short journeys, so would like to know what I need to look out for and do to keep the car working properly. the car has a full service history and is in good condition.

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    You are overthinking this, just drive it

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    The car has 322477 kms(?). I would not worry too much about reliability. I would be happy if the car last another 2 or 3 years.

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    If you don't have a Diesel Particulate Filter don't stress. FYI a DPF in a diesel exhaust traps carbon and soot. When the ECU senses that the engine is good and hot (on a long run) it injects extra fuel to get the DPF hot enough to burn off the soot into ash and CO². If you're just making short trips, it won't have time to do that, and the DPF eventually gets clogged with soot and you get error codes and poor running.

    In those cases it's recommended that you take the car out on the highway once a month to compete the DPF cycle.

    For your situation, I'd just get the engine oil changed sooner than recommended - most manuals classify short trip use as "extreme conditions" and recommend you halve the service interval. Diesels run very dirty - the oil comes out blue-black - so use the correct grade of synthetic oil.

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    This is a terrible place to ask. Go here and join this Saab owner's forum for advice instead:

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