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When I arrive in Phuket and go through their immigration system, will I have to do it again when I arrive in Bangkok coming from Phuket?

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    once you went through the immigration process at phuket, you will then be in Thailand. flight from phuket to bangkok is domestic.

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    NO just say Phuket and go have fun...

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    Phuket is in Thailand, so that's a domestic flight. You do not have to go through immigration again in Bangkok.

  • No, not if your flight is a domestic flight to Bangkok. But you are on an international flight that stops in Bangkok immigration. Immigration procedures would take place in Bangkok. It just depends on the flight you are taken. Ask the airlines to be sure.

    Source(s): Live in Thailand and been on many domestic flights here.
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  • Immigration implies you are moving there and becoming a citizen. if you are granted citizenship, then no, once you are naturalized you will only have to show residency papers to travel in their domestic market. If you mean "customs" and you're only visiting, then you will have to have your passport with you at all times regardless in case you are stopped.

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    you only have to go thru it if you LEAVE the airport .......................

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