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How to increase chances to get into dental school?

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  • Never
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    1 year ago

    You need a 4 year college degree in pre-med with decent grades and you have to pass whatever test they have.

    If you only got a 17 on your ACT, I won't say its impossible but improbable unless you really work your tail off.

    I spent a lot of time with dental students. Not many flunk out because they won't let anyone in who cannot do the work. And only a 17 is not great. (I probably would have got a 17-22 too, so I'm not any smarter than you. But I struggled in business classes and science stuff is harder.

    I never took the ACT but my friends said I would get around 21-22. They got 27 and 30 and both became engineers. I would guess premed students probably averaged at least 24-25.

    This is not to say you can't, you'd just have to work harder than others. And dental school is very expensive. One graduate dentist who worked on me had $200k in loans.


    Wait, you meant dental hygiene school. Much easier. Much, much easier. You can do that.

  • LX
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    2 years ago

    Do the right subjects and get very good grades. Do volunteer work at your local dental clinic and get the dentist to give you a signed letter. This will help show your enthusiasm for dentistry

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  • kelvin
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    2 years ago

    you study harder

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