are americans of spanish origins (from spain) white hispanic/latino and european americans too?

Sorry if i repet the question, I will repet the question too for more answer, some states of usa were of spain and later mexico, some spaniards mixed with native americans their blood, sorry for my english and thank you


I am not spaniard

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  • Lili
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    1 year ago
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    Not if their ancestry comes directly from Spain (or Portugal) relatively recently rather than via Spaniards and Portuguese who settled in the Americas and, in many cases, mixed with the indigenous peoples starting centuries ago.

    In other words, if your grandparents immigrated from Spain and settled in Chicago in the 1950s, you are not really considered Latino.

    • ciaociaio1 year agoReport

      and who are the hispanos of new mexico?

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    The US uses those words incorrectly

    The Latins are the people who built the city of Rome, the come from Latina

    The Latins conquered the people of Hispania (modern Spain and Portugal)

    The Latino from Hispania conquered Mesoamerica

    The Hispani and Latini are not the same as South or Central Americans

    What you should also remember is not that there have been a few different populations living in Iberia Hispania, not all of them claimed Latino in the first place.

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