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A question for Christian science deniers: What kind of magic wand did your fairy use to magically make cockroaches out of nothing?


The only answer was this: "Forms come from thought." In other words the Magic Man thinks about cockroaches and they magically appear. Have you dense people ever considered the advantages of growing up?

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    Cockroaches did not come out of nothing. They evolved from a common ancestor of other related insect families.

    People deny evolution because they haven't figured out that the Genesis passage was written to people who were herding sheep 3000 years ago. These sheep herders did not know about quantum relativity, string theory, Higg's boson or time frames of billions of years. The purpose of the Genesis account is about who (God) made the Universe, not about when or how He made it.

    The Time line of Creation

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    You've probably had the infestation for a long time, but it's gotten out of control. Call an exterminator. Blaming Christians for your cockroach problem is unproductive.

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    Harris is your guy, not ours.

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    Forms come from thought.

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    Yet you think it happened on its own.

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