How many credits is a doctorate degree after first enrolling as a freshman?

In an American college like Florida, Ohio St, etc, how many credits do you need to obtain after entering college to earn one? I know it varies by school and major, so It doesn’t have to be exact.

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  • drip
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    9 months ago
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    Doesn’t work that way.

    In general a Bachelor degree takes 120 credits to complete.

    A Masters degree will vary depending on your area of study. Most Master degree program take two years to complete.

    At the Docotrate level you are not taking classes. Time to complete a Doctorate degree varies greatly. A dissertation needs to be wrttien to complete a Docotrate degree. Which can take another year+ to complete

    One example. My son in law took four years to earn a Bachelor degree. Then went into a 5 year program that earned him a Masters and Docotrate degree in chemistry. His further research and dissertation took 9 months. So from freshman year of undergrad studies to completing his doctorate degree and dissertation then going into his field with a job almost ten years.

    Studies in a different field, different program , different time line.

    • Russ9 months agoReport

      Wow didnt know that doctorate degrees were that complicated thanks for the insight :)

  • 9 months ago

    Bachelor's degree is typically 120-128 credits. Master's is typically 60 credits, or 30 + independent original research and thesis, with oral defense of thesis (worth about 30 credits). PhD: most emphasis is placed on independent original research, dissertation, and oral defense of the dissertation. There will be course requirements, but a lot of seminars, research, etc. Actual course hours vary considerably, but consider it takes 3-7 years beyond a 2-year master's degree program to complete a doctorate.

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    I'm not in a doctoral program but as far as I know - your doctoral degree isn't based on your credit hours - the way your under grad is - instead - it is based on how long it takes for you to complete the mission that your professor has given you to fulfill and perform. You need to do research on your professors before applying because some professors purposely delay your graduation because they want you to offer them free high quality labour - there was a guy in china who was delayed by ten years because his doctoral supervisor wanted his free labour and he ended up killing himself after concluding he would never be able to graduate.

  • Squid
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    9 months ago

    It's normally about 120 credits for a bachelor's degree, and then about another 4 years for a PhD. You could think of it as about 240 credits worth of effort from freshman to PhD, but the PhD part is not counted like credits.

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