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Was it necessary for these 2 line leaders to blow something out of proportion and get the supervisor involved?

I'm currently in the process of applying for another high paying job because of an incident last Thursday after the first line leader told the 2nd line leader a minor issue that he then blew out of proportion and got the supervisor involved. What happened was I told the 1st line leader last Thursday to tell the other employee that it was all a misunderstanding and that I didn't mean to look at him as i was looking for the line leader, but for some reason he misinterpreted it as if I was filing a report. He then informed the 2nd line leader the following day where this other line leader then blew it out of proportion and got the supervisor involved where the supervisor then said he could fire the both of us, but he had no room to do that.

The 1st line leader didn't need to inform the 2nd line leader and that the 2nd line leader didn't need to blow it out of proportion and get the supervisor involved. It was a very small issue that was turned into a bigger issue. It wasn't like we're bullying each other or that it would affect productivity.

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    It's not that he doesn't have the room to, your supervisor may not have the power to hire or fire any one. But they can recommend that you can get fired.

    This reminded me of an issue I had. But they never threatened to fire me over it. I complained about a company that my work place deals with on a regular basis. The orders end up having to be put on one line which forces other pickers / packers to work on the same line, which at the time there wasn't enough space for. Orders would end up on the floor if there wasn't enough room for them on the line. I said some thing to a co worker who took it entirely the wrong way. They thought I hated this company when I didn't. I hated the issues this company caused, not the company itself. I smoothed things over with my supervisor. I told him what I think we should invest in a longer packing line. In the end we received a longer packing line, which I suggested. Things seam to be a bit better now.

    Keep your mouth shut, some times it's better then not saying any thing at all and having it taken the wrong way.

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    10 months ago

    Sounds like yet again you reported yourself for sexual harassment.

    I'm amazed you find any employment, let alone "high paying employment," with your mental health history.

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Right, always a high paying job. Meanwhile you live in Mommy and Daddy's basement. I love the high paying job that requires you to do lifting. I actually have a high power job. I don't have to be able to lift 40 pounds of more over my head.

    No, no one blew anything out of proportion. You are a troublesome employee. You reported YOURSELF for sexual harassment.

    You're a former Constable, but you don't know the laws?

  • 10 months ago

    They didn't blow ANYTHING out of proportion.

    You are one on the LEAST convincing trolls ever to open an account on Yahoo Answers.

    You can't apply for ANOTHER high paying job because that would assume you have a job other than being a Yahoo TROLL.

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