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My friend doesn’t want me to be mates with her friend? Why is this?

My close friend introduced me to another friend and me and him really hit it off and have a lot of similar interests, but she doesn’t ‘approve’ of our friendship. We are both guys, so nothing romantic (I don’t think... lol), why doesn’t she want us being mates? Thanks!

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    She seems like the kind of person that would rather be the center of attention and because you two hit it off, you can discuss things and don't NEED her to continue a conversation. I had a friend like this. I grew up more of a tomboy type because I had an older brother. So super soakers, video games were my upbringing. When I got older, I continued the video game model and found it easy to talk to guys because I had been around them so often and found what they found interesting. She actually one day told me she was never going to introduce me to her boyfriends any longer because we ended up getting along talking about video games.

    She's jealous she isn't the center of attention or the "most popular" one in the room. She feels threatened that you could end up "taking her friend away" by you two hanging out and not inviting her. Immature, but just reassure her that you enjoy her company just as much and you're happy that she introduced you two so that you have someone else to consider as a friend. That it doesn't mean you will push her out.

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    she doesnt want to be cut out of the friendship

    if that the case then she truely not your friend

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    Why would you ask US why your friend feels this way, instead of asking HER? I mean we don't know her at all, do we? And she's your "close friend", so again please explain why you imagine we would understand her reasons better than you would?

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