How is the crime rate in San Diego California?

Until today, I had never heard of San Diego being city plagued by crime (maybe not as bad as L.A., S.F., or Oakland but not too much better). On trulia I saw a map with many crime ridden areas. Is it really that bad? I had heard a friend of mine mention that, being a border town, San Diego has different types of crimes, as in heavy drug and organ stealing crime... How true is this? What some crime that have happened to you there or someone that you?

I was considering moving to SD. This has me reconsidering.

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  • 9 months ago

    The crime rate in San Diego is like any big community across the country. There are areas with multi-million dollar homes and there are places you probably don't want to live. Some of these are side by side due to the homeless problem throughout California.

  • 9 months ago

    First, San Diego technically isn't a border town. The border is between San Ysidro (CA, USA) and Tijuana (Mexico). San Ysidro is between San Diego and the border.

    Second, there is no heavy "organ stealing crime" anywhere in the U.S.

    Third, in border towns where the border affects the crime rate, such as El Paso, the crime rate is lower than in towns that are not border towns. Because immigrants from Mexico are much less likely to commit crimes than native born U.S. citizens are, and San Diego is harder for some immigrants to reach than El Paso, it might have a higher crime rate than El Paso, which is easier for some immigrants to reach, but certainly not higher than if it was not a border town, and possibly lower.

    The only crimes that are more common in border towns are smuggling and illegal immigration.

    • A Hunch
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      What the heck are you talking about.... San Ysidro / Chula Vista are like a mini-East LA. And SD is hard to reach from the border? What? THERE IS A PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION from the border to DTSD and beyond.

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    I wouldn’t go off a map posted on trulia.

  • 9 months ago

    You already have a crime map.

    Crime is not bad when you hear about a crime over there.

    Crime rate is not good when you know a victim or know the place the crime took place from your daily to and fro .

    Crime rate is horrible if you are the victim.

    The crime rates are so many crimes per thousand people. For example the number ten

    Ten think it is horrible 90 think it is not too bad and 900 had no connection.

    So which group will you be in. One of ten that is the victim. One the hundred that knows a victim or one of thousand that hears about a crime just happens.

    There is crime everywhere. You might say a robbery is a robbery? So that means the teenager that robs the convenience store with his pretend weapon and gets away with $50 is exactly the same as the Bank holdup with a machine gun.

    Statistically each is a crime.

    Your car taken for a joy ride is car theft.

    Your car taken and chopped into parts is also just car theft.

    You now can play with that crime map however you desire . It probably just shows REPORTED crimes.

    Many do not report when they are a victim.

    MOST of the residents are not crime victims. Some parts of the city have more crime than others.

    A tank was only stolen ONCE to rampage in the city. Statistically a vehicle theft.

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    • Arnoldo9 months agoReport

      I'd personally rather live somewhere where only my wallet will be stolen and not my life; two different types of evils. But thanks for your help.

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