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If θ=40∘, what is the index of refraction of the prism?

The figure shows a ray of light entering an equilateral prism, with all sides and angles equal to each other. The ray traverses the prism parallel to the bottom and emerges at the same angle at which it entered.

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    Snell's law equation

    n₁sinθ₁ = n₂sinθ₂

    The angle of incidence is measured from a reference normal to the surface, therefore

    θ₁ = 90 - 40 = 50°

    The angle of incidence inside the prism is

    θ₂ = 90 - 60 = 30°

    1.00sin50 = n₂sin30

    n₂ = sin50 / sin30

    n₂ = 1.53

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