Looking for a certain anime for so long!?

hey, so i've been looking for an anime and idk if its gonna be possible for you guys to answer this one haha...so anyways i was hoping the anime would be around 2016-present. I was also hoping that it was like action romance anime? If the girl was main focus and like, really strong yknow. Like best with swords and doesn't really show emotions...if you know what i mean. Also hoping the anime also had a bit just a tad of comedy in it. if not its cool. and one last thing, i hate it, like really hate when they have huge *** eyes and a small head. i'd like the animation too look somewhat like uh zero two from darling in the franxx, ya dig?

zero two below v

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    I'm guessing you're looking for some anime recommendations. Here are some of my recommendations based on what you told me.

    Akame ga Kill! - Akame

    Main girl character is Akame, and she's more like a deuteragonist alongside the main male character, Tatsumi. Her main weapon is a sword called Murasame and is part of a group called Night Raid (some sort of covert division of the Revolutionary Army). Akame was trained to be an assassin, so she's quite strong. Her sword has a curse, so just a single cut from her sword will kill anyone. Akame also appears to be very serious and coldhearted which comes from her tragic past as a former assassin, but she cares a lot about her comrades and there's a recurring gag of this show is that she loves to eat (preferably meat from danger beasts). The story has a lot of comedic scenes, but I must warn you that almost all the characters that the story makes you care about have little to no plot armor. So, prepare for a lot of deaths.

    The Legend of the Legendary Heroes - Ferris Eris

    Ferris is an expert swordsman who goes on a journey with the main character to look for the relics of the legendary heroes. She comes from a famous clan known for their sword-wielding abilities and is designated to serve as guards for the king. Ferris usually appears emotionless, perhaps because of her harsh upbringing as a child of the clan famous in their sword skills. Ferris went through torturous training in the swords, as well as abused by her family as a child. There are comedic scenes in this anime, and the running gag in the series is that she is obsessed and loves dango.

    Fairy Tail - Erza Scarlet

    Erza is an S-class mage of the magic guild called Fairy Tail. Her main ability is her ability to equip armors and swords from a different dimension. Her most common weapon is a sword and is able to use 200+ swords. Erza is usually strict, often criticizing bad behaviors or guild members. She is also impatient and dislikes others who don't answer her questions immediately. She also appears to be socially awkward due to her tragic childhood in which she was forced into labor to create the Tower of Heaven. However, Erza has a great sense of justice. Her social awkwardness contributes to certain comedic scenes in the anime.

    Attack on Titan - Mikasa Ackerman

    Mikasa is the adoptive sister of the main character. As part of the survey corps, Mikasa is an elite in using her swords to kill titans. As part of the 104th Training Corps, she was the top student and is considered a prodigy. Due to her tragic childhood, in which she saw her parent murdered and committed her first murder as a child, Mikasa has become emotionally withdrawn from others. She usually appears calm and emotionless in front of others. I guess the few comedic scenes from this anime is from Mikasa's strong obsession with Eren. However, I believe this anime has very few comedic scenes.


    A lot of female characters who are actually not humans, but were simply raised to fight monsters. Basically, these female characters are known as fairies, who are actually the ghosts of children who died. Since they were once humans, these female characters are able to wield these swords called dug weapons that are the only weapon capable of killing the beasts that humans created 500 years ago. It was also these beasts that eradicated humans from the world.

    Bleach - Rukia Kuchiki

    Rukia is a soul reaper who went to the human world and somehow got stuck there because she transferred her power to a human. As a soul reaper, Rukia has a soul weapon called Zanpakuto. Her zapankuto is really pretty when released in shikai form. Rukia usually appears level-headed around other people, usually hiding personal troubles from her close friends. There are a lot of comedic scenes in Bleach. One of the running gags is that people often have difficulty understanding her drawings, which are typically rabbit-like.

    Angel Beats - Kanade Tachibana

    Kanade is one of the students in the afterlife and is known as "angel" by the Afterlife War Front. To protect herself, she is known for using sword blades coming out of her sleeves. Kanade is usually viewed as emotionless, lacking detectable emotion which forms the misunderstanding with the other characters, making them believe that Kanade is their enemy. The running gag in this show is that Kanade loves eating Mapo Tofu, going as far as breaking school rules to eat it.

    Here are some more anime with strong female lead that uses sword:

    Saber - Fate Stay Night

    Saya - Blood +

    Olivier Mira Armstrong - Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

    the Claymores (Teresa) - Claymore

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