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What's the best job you can get that doesn't require a college education?

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    Processing fishing boats/Deckhand. They make thousands per trip depending on how expensive the fish or shelfish is. Gone for weeks or months at a time.

    My aunt made $19 grand in 3 months.

    However... it's dangerous like Deadliest Catch. Which is why they pay so much.

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    A police man

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    Serving the Lord Jesus Christ.

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    I have two friends that have no degrees and drive a tug boat. They both earn over 100K per year. They started out as a deck hand for a couple of years, then took a 4 week class on boating, then took an exam, then started being a captain. Very do-able.

    Other than that with 5 years or more of experience plumbers, HVAC Techs, and auto mechanics all make over 50K usually, especially if they run there own business or do lots of side work.

    Also a truck driver with a cdl license make over 50k per year.

    Cable installer and airport baggage handler is pretty good too

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    Skilled laborer. Think plumber, carpenter, electrician.

    Plumbers especially make a lot of money for doing emergency jobs on weekends, holidays, and during abnormal hours.

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    Air Traffic Controller.

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    You could work in a hotel or restaurant but the hrs might not be good.

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